Youth Secretary Role


As Youth Secretary, I have been lucky enough to coordinate the development of MCC’s youth section over the past three years, supported by a fantastic team of on and off-field volunteers. 

However, the time has come to step back to enable someone with fresh ideas and fresh energy to take on this great role.  It would be great if someone stepped forward now so that a handover could be completed over the course of the season.  This would ensure that you would be in a good position to take over fully at the end of this season.    

What is required for the role?  In summary, a bit of time and a bit of enthusiasm are the main requisites. 

In terms of time, I won’t lie, there are peaks and troughs!  But the amount of time needed really depends on the approach to the role that is taken and the skills of delegation and coordination that you have at your disposal! 

Ideally, as a minimum, the roles requires someone to:

  • attend formal Main Committee meetings (monthly) to represent youth cricket,
  • coordinate activity among the informal youth committee (6-8 per year),
  • ensure Friday night training sessions run smoothly and safely (through the summer),
  • ensure there is a lead coach for each section (through the summer).

Of course, there is scope to do plenty more if you wish!

In terms of enthusiasm, I have never played a competitive match of senior cricket. Or, for that matter, junior cricket.  But, what has trumped a lack of cricket experience, is the desire to give my girls a chance to do something sporty and fun in the village.  I’ve learned about cricket through coaching, doing courses and being coached. (Some of my players might disagree…!)

It would not be true to say that unless someone steps forward, youth cricket will not continue at MCC.  It will.  But it may look quite different.  The best way of ensuring that the section is able to continue to offer cricket across all age ranges, U7s to U15s, Boys and Girls, is for a parent or group of parents with current youth players, to coordinate youth activity.    

Please drop me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or give me a call (01225 891 482) if you are interested in talking about taking on this fabulous opportunity.

I plan to continue to coach my U11 Girls section, so would be around to provide as much or as little support as would be welcome!


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