Youth Secretary 2018 Report

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This 2018 MCC youth section report is loosely structured around the three-year strategy and plan the section developed in the Winter of 2016.  This report represents progress made in Year 2 of that plan.

Overall, MCC youth section made good progress against its strategy and plan, which is attached as an Annex to this document.  It did further work on the purpose of the youth section and has agreed a revised vision, mission and philosophy statement.


To be the best youth section in Wiltshire.


To ignite in each child a life-long interest in sport through the provision of a high-quality cricket product at MCC.  This has the dual benefit of helping our members lead healthy lives and by providing a steady flow of cricket players into the senior section.


To win, by identifying, gathering and mobilising all of our resources to go as far as we possibly can.



Match Day results

MCC continued to pursue a policy of inclusion and achieved some very strong results across the board.  Notably, the U11 Boys utilised 20 players (every player who made himself available) over the season and finished third in their league. Both the Head of the Boys and the Head of the Girls commented that our teams from U9 to U15 ‘won more games than they lost’.

MCC, taking account of player safety, supported the participation of a number of players with additional needs in cricket tournaments and matches. 

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Winter Nets

MCC Coaches delivered ‘Christmas Cricket’ in December 2017 and Winter Nets for MCC Girls through February and March 2018.  This included a tour of local villages, including Cold Ashton, and Doynton.


The youth section failed to attract sponsorship in 2018.


The Youth Committee now meets regularly, with a core of attendees, and has matured as a governance capability.


Youth Registrations

2018 saw a material decline in direct registrations, from around 220 to around 185.  The Boys section reduced from 139 to 109 and the girls from 86 to 75.

While the reduction was slightly larger than planned, the 2017 season placed significant pressure on the estate, coaches and the club more widely.  The decision taken in the Winter of 2017/18 to set the age for membership as Year 1 (up from Reception in 2017), and to introduce a waiting list, meant that there was no fresh intake at the base of the club.   The majority of U15 Boys who had played in 2017 moved to Larkhall Cricket Club.  Other players moved from the area and a handful of players failed to return because of the quality impact caused by playing constraints in 2017.

25 players registered for All-Stars at MCC.

The net reduction of players at MCC between 2018 and 2017 was, therefore, approximately 15.

The quality of coaching sessions in 2018 was generally considered by coaches and players to have improved from 2017 because of the additional space.  However, this reduction in numbers did have an impact on overall club finances in terms of registration fees and bar revenue.

ECB Schemes


MCC youth coaches delivered the ECB’s flagship scheme, All-Stars, for the first time in 2018.  This was Year 2 of the scheme.  Wilts Cricket has provided very positive feedback about our participation and the numbers we attracted.

All stars  06

Chance to Shine

MCC youth coaches delivered the ECB’s school-based scheme, Chance to Shine, to Marshfield Primary School.  This is known to have delivered a handful of new members to MCC.  Wilts Cricket has provided very positive feedback about our participation in the scheme.

Other Outreach

Level 2 MCC coach, Clare Webb, attended a Somerset CC-led promotional event to launch the start of the women’s tri-series between England, South Africa and New Zealand.  She supported international cricketers from each of those teams in the delivery of training to over 150 girls.

MCC youth section selected AccessSport as its charity partner of choice for 2018.  AccessSport is a Bristol-based charity with strong links to Glocs Cricket that aims to provide disadvantaged children access to cricket and other sport.  While this did not generate the PR and funds hoped for, more than £100 was raised and there are plans to provide coaches to deliver some ‘street cricket’ over the winter and next season.

MCC has had very positive feedback from both Glocs and Wilts about our forward thinking approach in this area.

Marshfield Cricket Club welcomed New Zealand’s International Test Cricket Captain, Suzie Bates, in June. Wilts Cricket arranged for this visit in recognition of the club’s wide range of off-field youth development activities.  She said of the visit:

‘Thank you @Marshfield_CC for making a kiwi feel so welcome tonight. This is why I love this game. A special village doing cricket right with the help of good people. Great to see so many girls and boys involved on a Friday night #lovethisgame

Everyone involved in Marshfield Cricket Club should be proud of that feedback, which compared very favourably with that of other visits made.  MCC was thanked by Hampshire CC and Wiltshire Cricket for  our management of and feedback about this visit..


Suzie Bates 14


The youth section continued to make a very strong financial contribution to MCC, including a Charity Event in the Winter of 2017, 180+ registrations, material bar revenues and an U9 and an U11 mixed festival delivered at Broadleys.

The youth section benefited from a range of club-wide ground improvements, including additional practise wickets, significant improvements to the outfield, new nets, new and improved storage.  It also benefited from 11 newly qualified coaches, and more kit to improve sessions (including cricket balls!).

ECB ClubMark

The youth section led the annual re-accreditation of the ECB’s ClubMark status.  The Managing Director of Wilts Cricket said of MCC’s successful re-accreditation:

The latest club to complete their ECB Clubmark Annual Health Check is ‪@Marshfield_CC - a wonderfully well run club with over 200 junior members of which +80 are girls. A forward thinking and well-governed club fully deserving of Clubmark recognition


Performance Cricket

MCC has five girls playing county cricket at every age from U11 to U17.

MCC has four Boys playing District cricket at U11 and one at U10.

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Senior Cricket

Four Boys and one Girl represented the 3rd team in 2018.

The senior Girls joined forces with the Marshfield Maidens for the first time in a friendly match.

Coachingsteve morris 1

MCC sponsored five coaches through the Level 2 course.  Three have qualified, two through Wiltshire and one through Glocs.  The remaining two will qualify in the close season or at the start of 2019. Five Coach Support Workers qualified through Wilts Cricket. Feedback from coaches about the benefit of doing these courses has been positive.  MCC has had very positive feedback from Wilts and Glocs Cricket, and MCC youth parents, about our effort to professionalise our coaching capability and on the numbers we have put through the courses.

We have qualified Level 2 coaches leading nearly all sections from U7 to U15 in both Boys and Girls.

The parent volunteer coaches were well supported by senior section players in 2018, which provided a good mix of stability and expert coaching. 

Steve Morris was awarded the Wiltshire Coach of the Year in recognition of several years of outstanding service to MCC.


  • Further linkage between the senior and youth sections in playing terms (development of club pathway) and development terms (sponsorship, coaching)
  • Outreach to identify and acquire more players and to fulfil social responsibilities of a privileged club and community
  • Better training opportunities for our players who show the most promise and have the best attitude


The October 2018 youth committee meeting identified a range of lessons from the 2018 season.  These are at Annex 2.



Click here to download/view the overall MCC Youth Plan


What Went Well

  • Setting the lower age limit for the U7 sections at Year 1.
    • This will be continued for 2019.
  • There was generally an adequate number of coaches, and the ratios were broadly in line with ECB welfare and health and safety requirements
    • We should continue to identify potential coaches, especially at the lower end of the age range where we are likely to have lost a few coaches
  • The high number of player coaches
    • We will continue to encourage players from the senior section to fully participate in the youth sessions
  • Four boys played senior cricket
    • We will continue to encourage further promotion from the junior teams to the senior teams, and need to work out how to formalise that into the club structure
  • As a section, we won more games than we lost
  • 10 players from the youth section were selected for representative cricket
    • We will continue to discuss our approach to representative cricket
    • We will feedback to the Boards our concerns about the quality of the offering
  • Participation on courses gave coaches the confidence to run structured sessions
    • We will try and run a Coach Support Worker Course at Broadleys in 2019
  • We managed to play a match involving the girls and the women’s team
    • There has been limited contact since then, we need to work out what to do for our U17 girls, including joining with other clubs.
  • The youth section has had very positive feedback about the All Stars sessions that it ran for the first time, including the level of parent participation
    • We will identify whether we can find a coach, this will be key for clubhouse development plans.

What Went Less Well

  • The U9 Boys section lacked a parent coach to oversee the U9 Boys, which meant very few matches were played. It also disrupted other sections, especially as senior involvement became less consistent towards the middle of the season.
  • The U15s lost most of the Boys who played in 2017, and after a few matches couldn’t raise sufficient numbers to continue.
    • A number of U13s will move into that section next year.
    • We will offer Winter Nets to Boys in 2019.
    • We will explore linkages with senior nets for the older boys.
  • We might lose one or two coaches from the U7 Boys section.
    • We will seek additional coaches
  • We had around 40 fewer registrations than in 2017, with All Stars the net reduction was around 15 (around 210)
    • We will review our target number and recruit appropriately using school outreach
  • It was often difficult to raise sufficient players for matches.
    • We need to work out how to incentivise participation in matches.
    • Notwithstanding the above, we need our players to play more matches.
  • There was no mixing of Boys and Girls at Festivals.
    • We need to review our approach to mixed cricket.
    • Andy Elliott will do some research around key events to enable de-confliction.

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