Marshfield Cricket Club Commits to increase in Coach Capability


This year, MCC has funded five ECB Level 2 courses and five ECB Coach Support Worker courses, which shows the ongoing commitment to invest in youth cricket.  

Congratulations and thank-you to five Marshfield Cricket Club volunteers for successfully completing the CSW course.  Over a couple of recent not-so-balmy Monday evenings at the Broadleys Ground, Mike Batty, Jack Davison, Emma Crawford, Amy Thompson, and Ian Orr gave up their time to ensure that MCC continues its journey of developing the coaching capability of the youth section.  

Congratulations and thank-you also to Clare Webb who is the first of five coaches this season to complete successfully the ECB Level Two course.  This course requires participants to commit to three days, and a couple of evenings, of learning and is completed by a formal assessment by the Cricket Board.  

So, please do say well done and thanks to Clare, Mike, Jack, Emma, Amy and Ian and the others if you see them around!   

robin hand 50x50 head  

Robin Hand

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