2ndXI Win Tight Thriller


Another weekend, another game day with Marshfield’s two’s back on track and welcoming to “The Home of Village Cricket” Ramsbury CC. Another unknown quantity, another first team eleven.

The team had three changes in “Mishie” for his first appearance of the season replacing Todd, who after several good performances was dropped to the firsts. Hodder axed in favour of the returning vice skip and the newly refreshed Lodge in for Christie.

First order of the day was to decide on the pitch to be used, the one uncovered for a week very damp but probably just playable, just, or the covered for a few days “VK” pitch. Right decision made VK it is then.

Twenty pairs of eyes peered out towards the middle as Colin and the oppositions skip prepared to toss the coin. A common thought reverberated around both changing rooms, this could be an important toss! Marshfield however knew they were screwed, with both of last week’s successful openers busy strapping on their pads!! In anticipation of the bleeding obvious! We were right, Colin again lost the toss and we were without hesitation promptly inserted.

Colin to team “sorry we are batting”, team to Colin “yep we guessed”. Colin to team batting order is. Now it would be fair at this juncture to point out not everyone agreed with the suggested order. Those that did not agree went out and umpired, so there I stood in the middle for 23 overs watching an exhibition of length and line bowling, the like had not been seen since Lamby was at his pomp.

Eric MorecambeOver after over went by, maiden followed maiden and the scoreboard trickled along. Granted that the pitch was damp and the bowling was challenging, but the strike was not rotated and the infrequent bad ball was not taken advantage of. Drinks were taken with the score on 62 without loss. But a platform was being built and hopefully could be soon taken advantage of.

After drinks wickets started to fall Glen first out for 34. Then Lodge for 19, a rare failure. Dan 42. Wickets fell at regular intervals, they had to! As now chances were being taken to score the runs required to set a target. The innings finally closing on 170 for 6 with Sinkins again protecting his average with 26 not out. 30 runs or so short? This correspondent thought so.

And so to tea; a spread provided by the axed Hodder showing the measure of the man, sumptuous and filling, willing to again help out a team, not wallowing in self-pity or like some gloating at his inclusion at the expense of others.

And so, to the field?

With a total that all thought, but kept by many to themselves, was a few short, it was important that we started well in the field. Chivers and Iles to open. Now history has shown that these two can be a bit wayward.

So, we settled down and hoped, Chivers first over a wide and a four, Iles a wide. Chivers a maiden Iles a wide, Chivers a single, Iles a single hang on this might be ok they are not getting away here. Then chance, Chivers wide short outside off stump cut to Watson D fielding in the Todd position both hands Grassed! What Dan Watson both hands dropped how can this be? has Todd rubbed off on him is it some sort of homage? Silence, Dan furious with himself. But we plough on. Chance mistimed drive straight to “Mishie” grassed!! Now that was a dolly. Iles not happy but again we reset and push on. However, after 12 overs Ramsbury are 24 without loss and Marshfield were turning the screw. 13th over Chivers a wide one, another wide one, another wide one! Leg bye, leg bye, one over too many? Wicket! edged caught Sinkins breakthrough! Chivers off have a rest. Iles figures 6 overs nought for 10 into his seventh over 4 another 4 a wide, loads of cursing, a no ball more cursing! end of over 10 runs from it. Threaders to Colin, could you have a word with your bowler please skipper. 16 runs in two overs Ramsbury were now 40 for one. Had they started to get away? Iles off.

Marshfield were now treated to a sight not seen this century! Graham Tanner bowling from the pavilion end, first change and just the fifteenth over!! Now this correspondent knew something was amiss as the aforementioned Tanner not only volunteered to bowl but also turned up for the game early!!!

A tight first over one run. Now Perry joined the attack last outing on this ground produced a fine 6 for more of the same please. 4 singles Glen taking time to settle? Tanner another single from the over! Marshfield getting back on track? Glen second over not as good as the first, 12 conceded. Colin ringing the changes to find a partner for Tanner. Watson on bowling “leggies” tight first over then Wicket driven to Watson D caught normal service resumed. Drinks 22 overs gone 76 runs 2 down going to be tight this one. Tanner resumes tight over. Watson bowls batsman attempted slog in the air. Enter Elliott a man exuding the confidence of someone now becoming comfortable in his environment, the alpha male of the 3rd eleven, emerging from the shadows, snaffled easily then standing arms outright milking the adulation. 88 for 3 still going to be close. Next few overs were tight finally punctuated with Watson conceding 9 and then off.

What happens next is nothing short of miraculous. Lodge rising like Lazarus after his weekend away in the healing spa waters of Longleat, grabs the ball and bowls!! First tight over Tanner now in his 7th straight over Wicket edge caught Perry. 29 overs gone 4 down 93 on the board game in the balance. Tanner bowled out 9 overs on the spin, who is this imposter what has happened to the real Tanner early for the game bowling before the 30th over and bowling 9 in a row figures of 1 for 21 off 9 great effort. Lodge Wicket “Mishie” with the catch 123 for 5 34 overs gone. Charlie back into the attack tight over. Charlie last over Wide, Wide, Wide, leg bye, leg bye, Wicket! Hang on haven’t we been here before? On drive aerial Caught Elliott! 129 for 6, 10 overs left 42 wanted going to be tight!! Lodge continues Wicket LBW. 129 for 7 surely that’s it now only the tail to come. Iles on to finish his spell first over goes for 4. Iles last over come on Rob think 6 balls nice and tight. What we actually got was not remotely like that. All too full and driven, only great fielding keeps it to 9 from the over.

9369180164 3f70a85e78 bBit of a stand happening here, runs on the board 154, overs left 5, 17 required! Have we blown it? Big discussion shall we bowl Elliott or Watson, Watson gets the nod. Ramsbury skipper is called through for a single, Glen Perry swoops picks up hits the wicket appeal? Run out 41st over what has he done? 154 for 8. Watson in again straight drive middle of the bat flat towards Elliott stood just inside the mid on boundary, surely not Caught!! That is a 3 fer. Elliott off like a rocket chest puffed out facing the amassed crowd of spectators. Not here to watch the cricket just early for the champions league final! 2 overs to go Lodge with his final; 9 wanted. Lodge breathing hard bowls a maiden, what a way to finish, what an advert for spa breaks!! Cue discussion who will bowl the last over. Elliott? it looks like it could be his day, but we go with Watson 5 fielders on leg side boundary two cow corners. Keep the faith Keep the faith! So with fingers and toes crossed we applaud and cheer each ball and with 3 singles and a bye, Marshfield win by 4 runs the bowlers have won the game for Marshfield. I repeat the bowlers have won the game for Marshfield.

Cue the celebrations…

However next morning, imagine the surprise to find out that according to the league we had lost. Elliott up early or being still on an emotional high after his performance, logged on to the WCCL website. Obviously purely to to see his name in print noticed a glaring error. “WTF” was the immediate and eloquent response. Twitter went into melt down! It appears that despite only giving Marshfield’s only qualified scorer 9 out of 10 for her book, one Mr Jonathan Burnstone could not simply copy this lovingly produced and colourful work of art on to the WCCL results page!!!

Man of the Match was a close one this week with many stand out candidates: Tanner early to game early to bowl. Elliott 3 catches playing well above his normal standard. Watson with the ball superb at crucial times.

But this week’s MOM is Centre Parcs Warminster for getting Lodge back with ball in hand. Truly miraculous.

kevin hendy head
  Kevin Hendy


Fixture Details

Type : League: Wiltshire County Cricket League - Division 4 2018 Date : Saturday 26th May 2018
Toss: Ramsbury CC - 1st XI won the toss and elected to field Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Broadleys Rules Type: Standard

Highlights :

Marshfield: Dan Watson 42; Matt Watson 8-0-43-3; Charlie Chivers 9-1-24-2; Ramsbury: N Jephson 33; R Smith 9-0-49-4;

Result Summary

Result:    Marshfield CC - 2nd XI - Won by 4 runs

  Marshfield CC - 2nd XIRamsbury CC - 1st XI
Score 170 for 6 (45 overs) 'b' 166 for 9 (45 overs) 't'

Marshfield CC - 2nd XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Daniel Watson ct R Rahul b  Roger Smith 42 4 0 0
2 Glenn Perry lbw b  R Rahul 34 3 0 0
3 Russell Lodge ct Nick Jephson b  Roger Smith 19 3 0 0
4 Kevin Hendy ct Neil Williamson b  Roger Smith 13 1 1 0
5 Hamish Walker   b  Neil Williamson 7 0 0 0
6 Matt Watson ct Nick Jephson b  Roger Smith 11 1 0 0
7 Colin Sinkins*† not out   26 2 0 0
8 Andy Elliott not out   5 0 0 0
9 Graham Tanner did not bat          
10 Rob Iles did not bat          
11 Charlie Chivers did not bat          
Extras       b (1), w (10), nb (2) 13  
Total 170  
Wickets 6  
Overs 45  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

67-1 Glenn Perry (Daniel Watson-21*); 104-2 Russell Lodge (Daniel Watson-39*); 107-3 Daniel Watson (Kevin Hendy-0*); 125-4 Kevin Hendy (Hamish Walker-4*); 131-5 Hamish Walker (Matt Watson-3*); 145-6 Matt Watson (Colin Sinkins-6*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Neil Williamson 9 1 29 1 3 1
Ajay Unsure 9 3 16 0 1 0
Naushad Quereshi 7 1 21 0 2 0
S Plannikumparambil 7 0 31 0 0 0
R Rahul 4 0 23 1 4 0
Roger Smith 9 0 49 4 0 1
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 1 0
Total 45 5 170 6 10 2

Ramsbury CC - 1st XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Nick Jephson ct Andy Elliott b  Matt Watson 33 0 0 0
2 Iain Cowan ct Colin Sinkins b  Charlie Chivers 13 0 0 0
3 Ajay Unsure ct Daniel Watson b  Matt Watson 12 0 0 0
4 R Turnell* ct Hamish Walker b  Russell Lodge 24 0 0 0
5 Pete Osmond ct Glenn Perry b  Graham Tanner 4 0 0 0
6 R Rahul ct Andy Elliott b  Charlie Chivers 16 0 0 0
7 Neil Williamson run out (Glenn Perry)   13 0 0 0
8 S Plannikumparambil lbw b  Russell Lodge 0 0 0 0
9 Roger Smith ct Andy Elliott b  Matt Watson 16 0 0 0
10 Naushad Quereshi not out   4 0 0 0
11 Matthew Dobson not out   1 0 0 0
Extras       b (7), lb (3), w (18), nb (2) 30  
Total 166  
Wickets 9  
Overs 45  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

30-1 Iain Cowan (Nick Jephson-5*); 76-2 Ajay Unsure (Nick Jephson-32*); 77-3 Nick Jephson (R Turnell-0*); 92-4 Pete Osmond (R Turnell-11*); 123-5 R Turnell (R Rahul-16*); 129-6 R Rahul (Neil Williamson-0*); 129-7 S Plannikumparambil (Neil Williamson-0*); 154-8 Roger Smith (Neil Williamson-7*); 162-9 Neil Williamson (Naushad Quereshi-2*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Charlie Chivers 9 1 24 2 11 0
Rob Iles 9 1 33 0 5 1
Graham Tanner 9 0 21 1 0 0
Glenn Perry 2 0 12 0 0 1
Matt Watson 8 0 43 3 1 0
Russell Lodge 8 1 23 2 1 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 10 1
Total 45 3 166 9 18 2

Match Officials

Umpires Mike Threadgill
Scorers Julie Hendy

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