Mighty Marshfield are back!

MCC 1sts Trowbridge 82 of 115

So with a cancellation and two defeats under their belt and sitting in the bottom third of the division, Marshfield two’s ventured into territories unknown with an away trip to Spye Park CC. Located in a secluded private estate, the more gentile of the team felt unsurprisingly at home in the plush surroundings. However, the rougher Bristol plumbing element, immediately let the rest down. Eyeing up the brass radiators and other fixtures and fittings, within the hunting lodge themed pavilion, proclaimed loudly “that’s a nice bit of kit and it’s brass! worth a few bob that is.” It remains to be seen if mysteriously Lamby’s bathroom gets a well-needed luxury upgrade.

 On to the game itself.

Our leader out to the middle, the coin goes up he loses, again!! and on the hottest day of the year, on a pitch with the odd assorted weed poking through, a surface baked hard as concrete. Picturesquely set within an outfield that obviously has a well used and longstanding subscription to the 5 dollar shave club. Sloping away from the square on three sides, we were put in to bat.

Now I am but a simple man, but even I know that inserting, what is arguably the leagues best batting outfit, albeit devoid of Russell Lodge, (who after two games of carrying Marshfield’s batting hopes on his considerable shoulders, decided that a spa weekend was required, might not end well!)

But hey ho away we went, Russell Lodge if you are reading this then this was not the weekend to be pampered.

Facing what can only be described as a friendly bowling attack Marshfield’s opening pair, Messers Watson D & Perry G. Who some may say were harshly treated by this correspondent last week, made merry. Driving and cutting the ball with ease they raced to a 100 stand both completing 50’s. Granted Glenn had a couple of lives, but if they are daft or inept enough to drop them then make them pay.

Not to detract from what was this week, a really really good foundation, Marshfield was assisted by Spye Parks Captain’s refusal to put in anything remotely resembling a third man for almost the entire game and then allowing his bowlers to bowl short and wide outside off stump. For the runs that were acquired through this region, we all thank you.

spye park 1Glenn was the first to fall for 62 with the score on 134 after 23 overs. Dan then being joined by his brother Matt. This prompted confusion with one of the scorers (not the wife!) (I’ve been told to say that or I’ll be in trouble) as when Dan and Matt greeted each other they also exchanged headgear. This simple act of brotherly love confused the hell out of one of the scorers as identifying the facing batsman became increasingly difficult. How or why I don’t know as one is tall, lean and dark, runs with a slight limp and is a stylish opening bat; the other has a beard!!!

Together they set about the bowling, well that was the plan. What actually happened was 5 balls later the one with the beard got into a terrible tangle.  Against a “pace off” bowler, think quicker than Hodder but slower than Dicko and ended up being stumped. Now two things ran through our collective minds: one as that was great glovework, the other bloody hell those NHS hips are good as that could have been nasty last season.

The scorers breathed a sign of relief and reached for the tipex!!

Enter Todd, basking in the reflective glory that was last weekends match-winning innings in the VK, hoping to bat his way into the first-team reckoning. But this is two’s cricket and respect and care need to be given, you earn your right to play your shots and score runs. Todd fourth ball big heave across the line bowled! Mini collapse? Whose in next? Will they stop the rot? It’s... Hendy, buggar not Devizes again please god no. We were staring at 350 before Glenn departed now it could closer to 200.

Good news Dan was still going well and helped by some loose bowling the board ticked along merrily. Hendy finally getting off the mark with a glorious drive through mid off, OK full toss knee-high outside off slapped as hard as he could through the bowler for four. Watson to Hendy Great Shot? No, bloody hell that bats got a middle, how much do they go for these days?

So Watson and Hendy started to work over the bowling. Hendy finding the boundary with ease and all along the carpet as well!! The odd single was run and Dan became very very good at counting 6 running a single and saying sorry. But we were moving through the gears and 300 plus looked on the cards once more.

The score moved up to 209 for 3 and some quick mental arithmetic by Hendy, ok a guess, suggested that Watson was close to the magic three figures. A chat at the end of an over “hey come on concentrate, you have a ton here, come on just a few more” but Dan was gone, tired, swinging from the hip, the good one! Feet in treacle! once, twice, threes times a swish before an under edge and death rattle the final tally? 98 so close but so far. But for a controversial inside edge that resulted in a two given as leg byes earlier, it could have been a ton and a well-deserved one for that.

Hendy now joined by Captain Sinkins let’s see if we can put them under pressure these last 12 overs turn some of these ones into two’s. Hendy under his breath good luck with that mate, that’s not going to happen. Did I say it was bloody hot and I had chosen for some reason to bat in a short-sleeved sweater, idiot!!!

By now as you can imagine certain elements of Spye Park’s team were not best pleased with the proceedings so far. One particularly angry bowler suggesting that one or two of Hendy’s finest shots would look better on a golf course. Hendy’s response was to batter him back over his head for 6 and smile!

Hendy fell soon after along with Chopper triggered by the home umpire.  In pursuit of final quick runs, Sinkins found an ally for his run everything plan in Elliot. Both running like the wind finally pushing the score past the magic 300 mark. Colin finishing on a well crafted 38 not out. Elliott 11 not out.

The gusto in which Marshfield’s bowlers tucked into the “Spye Park sandwich and cake mountain” that passed as tea was something to behold and hinted at the fact they believed the job was already done.

This weeks opening attack of Chivers and Christie had a far better ring than Chivers and Hendy and had a far far better result. Chivers bowling his 9 over spell unchanged for a meagre reward of one wicket. This correspondent lost count of the number of times he beat the bat with ease and the majority of the 32 runs conceded were edges or worse edges from attempted leaves.

Both opening batsmen displayed an eagerness to fish at every opportunity allowing Elliott and Hodder the chance to try out some “quality 3rd team sledging”.

Those who read these reports and stay awake until the end may remember Todd missing a catch or two at Devizes, well he had an early opportunity to redeem himself. Stationed at point a wide one from Chopper cut to Todd great news.. if nothing else Todd is consistent! Grassed! damn! apologies all round, move on nothing to see here next.

Elliott replaced Christie and soon had a reward and from an unlikely source. Short ball, dug it, full pace!! spliced in the air to Todd, a collective gasp a myriad of questions will he? won’t he? can he? If Chivers the week before juggled then Todd decided to perform the “hokey cokey” the ball went “in out in out shook all about” finally coming to rest between hand and shin!

A catch! Todd finally held a catch! he broke his cherry great work. Some say in moments of crisis time seems to stop in this case Todd had time to admonish himself three or four times before finally realising he had actually caught the ball!!

Enter the Spye Park skipper, rumours of this being his last game for the club “having been poached by a village side near Lyneham”.

spye park 2Enter Threaders!! Elliott down hill, off his full menacing run. Bowls, pitches, hits pad! Loud appeal from bowler mid off and Threaders! Finger raised, out! One very unhappy ex Spye Park player flounces off.

The more observant of you will notice that the keeper did not join in the appeal he was busy scampering down the leg side. Elliott hitting middle and off definitely! Threaders hitting middle and leg absolutely! Sinkins hitting another set possibly?

Meanwhile at the other end ticking away nicely was Mr Angry looking to “engage in conversation” with anyone who would bite.   Dan Watson obliged once or twice just to keep him happy. 

Enter lasts weeks bowling hero Glen fresh from a hat-trick could he start again from where he left off nope first ball 4 to Mr Angry. Followed by a pair of twos. Next over a single first ball brings Mr Angry back on strike 6, 6 off of the hunting lodge roof, a single. 

Thoughts of if he stays around for a while this may get interesting and interesting it does. 

Elliott off with figures of 2 for 24 off 5. Tanner on batsmen 4 ( Mr Angry) and 6 starting to build a partnership, starting to score. Then it kicks off Mr Angry advances down the pitch to Glenn! Spotted thrown wider! Walks past it! Stumped! All eyes to Threaders OUT! 

But wait, the home umpire questioning the decision” the keeper's hands were in front of the stumps” “he took the ball in front of the stumps” Threaders he’s OUT. How can you see from your end I am at square leg I can see the line. 

Mr Angry walks off now can we wrap this up quickly. 

The answer was yes the end now came quickly. Hodder replaced Glenn as bowler number 6, how the mighty have fallen. How can someone with career figures of 173 Marshfield wickets be 4th change? Immediate success, well 10th ball. Swipe in the air Elliott caught a well-rehearsed 3rd team wicket and celebration 174! 6 balls later a rank half volley drilled straight at Dan Watson catch, safest hands in the team! He might not be able to move very quickly or far but if it is in his arc it’s held. 

Two balls later Hodder again this time beating the Bat. (editors note are you sure he beat the bat?). Colin takes it and with the batsman well out of his ground tries to take the bails off once twice, hang on he has missed looks like his arms have shrunk. Cue laughing and jokes about having arms like a T-Rex. 

Holder departs after just 3 overs, he says to give the batsmen a chance. Matt Watson makes an early comeback after “retiring” his offspring last weekend, reincarnating himself as a “leggy” he pitches one it turns! he pitches more they turn! Colin to Glenn hey we found a “leggy” who turns it. Harsh but funny all the same. Matt pitches another doesn’t turn 6. 

Chopper back on to mop up the tail 2 wickets needed 11 overs to go 146 runs required. Watson still smarting from that 6 pitches one it turns swipe up in the air everyone just watching it until Matt says I will go then. New hip up to full speed, Marshfield’s bionic man glides over the ground to take a caught and bowled. 

Cue long conversation with the umpire and general chit-chat. The new batsman in Watson bowling more of the same pitching, turning, pitching and turning. Home umpire to Threaders how many left? Threaders to home umpire 2. Scorers to both that was the seventh ball, that’s an OVER!!!

And it was two balls later Chopper tidied up the tail and Marshfield’s first win is confirmed. 

Happy Days are here again the Mighty Marshfield are back!!!!

Man of the Match Dan Watson quality knock great hands. Russell who?

kevin hendy head
  Kevin Hendy


Fixture Details

Type : League: Wiltshire County Cricket League - Division 4 2018 Date : Saturday 19th May 2018
Toss: Spye Park CC - 1st XI won the toss and elected to field Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Spye Park Cricket Club Rules Type: Standard

Highlights :

Marshfield: Dan Watson 98

Result Summary

Result:    Marshfield CC - 2nd XI - Won by 125 runs

  Spye Park CC - 1st XIMarshfield CC - 2nd XI
Score 180 all out (39.2 overs) 't' 305 for 6 (45 overs) 'b'

Marshfield CC - 2nd XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Daniel Watson   b  Tom Beard 98 10 0 0
2 Glenn Perry ct Andy Ellis b  Tom Beard 62 12 0 0
3 Matt Watson st Andy Ellis b  P Fennell 4 1 0 0
4 Todd Richardson   b  P Fennell 0 0 0 0
5 Kevin Hendy   b  Tom Beard 37 6 1 0
6 Colin Sinkins*† not out   39 6 0 0
7 Alastair Christie lbw b  E Townsend 10 1 0 0
8 Andy Elliott not out   11 1 0 0
9 Gary Hodder did not bat          
10 Graham Tanner did not bat          
11 Charlie Chivers did not bat          
Extras       b (9), lb (7), w (26), nb (2) 44  
Total 305  
Wickets 6  
Overs 45  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

134-1 Glenn Perry (Daniel Watson-56*); 156-2 Matt Watson (Daniel Watson-70*); 156-3 Todd Richardson (Daniel Watson-70*); 209-4 Daniel Watson (Kevin Hendy-18*); 236-5 Kevin Hendy (Colin Sinkins-3*); 260-6 Alastair Christie (Colin Sinkins-10*); 


* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
S Rose 8 0 52 0 0 0
Frey Nutland 5 0 39 0 0 0
P Fennell 9 1 36 2 0 0
Mike Griffin 5 0 40 0 0 0
Tom Beard 9 1 50 3 0 0
Simon Ellis 4 0 43 0 0 0
E Townsend 5 0 29 1 0 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 16 0
Total 45 2 305 6 0 0

Spye Park CC - 1st XI


 NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Jonathan Anstee De Mas ct Alastair Christie b  Charlie Chivers 25 0 0 0
2 P Fennell ct Todd Richardson b  Andy Elliott 8 0 0 0
3 Tom Beard st Colin Sinkins b  Glenn Perry 40 0 0 0
4 E Townsend* lbw b  Andy Elliott 2 0 0 0
5 Mike Du Boulay ct Matt Watson b  Graham Tanner 28 0 0 0
6 Andy Ellis ct Daniel Watson b  Gary Hodder 21 0 0 0
7 Simon Ellis ct Andy Elliott b  Gary Hodder 10 0 0 0
8 Mike Griffin not out   5 0 0 0
9 Frey Nutland   ct & b Matt Watson 12 0 0 0
10 S Rose   b  Alastair Christie 3 0 0 0
Extras       b (3), lb (6), w (16), nb (1) 26  
Total 180  
Wickets 9  
Overs 39.2  

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

44-1 Jonathan Anstee De Mas (P Fennell-8*); 44-2 P Fennell (Tom Beard-0*); 49-3 E Townsend (Tom Beard-1*); 123-4 Tom Beard (Mike Du Boulay-24*); 127-5 Mike Du Boulay (Andy Ellis-0*); 148-6 Simon Ellis (Andy Ellis-11*); 159-7 Andy Ellis (Mike Griffin-1*); 176-8 Frey Nutland (Mike Griffin-4*); 180-9 S Rose (Mike Griffin-5*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Charlie Chivers 9 2 32 1 0 0
Alastair Christie 7.2 2 25 1 0 0
Andy Elliott 5 1 24 2 0 0
Glenn Perry 6 0 40 1 0 0
Graham Tanner 7 1 30 1 0 0
Gary Hodder 3 0 12 2 0 0
Matt Watson 2 0 8 1 0 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 9 0
Total 39.2 6 180 9 0 0

Match Officials

Umpires Mike Threadgill, Lionel ?
Scorers Julie Hendy, Helen ?

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