5 New Recruits as Marshfield Maidens Grow

Maidens softball training

It has been an exciting year for women’s cricket. The women’s world cup being held in the UK and lots of matches being held in Bristol in particular has generated interest and a real push from the ECB to invest in women’s cricket. There has been softball cricket training for clubs that want it and softball cricket festivals to compete in. New women’s teams are still popping up. This year at Brislington and I understand Corsham will have a team next season.

Marshfield took full advantage of all on offer and had 6 weeks of training by a Glos. County coach, kit provided free for softball and entered a number of competitions organised. Softball cricket is played with an incrediball and plastic bats, no pads and played as pairs with 6 or 8 players. So everybody bats and everybody bowls. We’ve been delighted to have 5 new regular players join us this year as a result of advertising the softball cricket and through Sandra running rounders sessions. Training by Lisa Pagett, Glos coach, worked really well for both complete newbies and those who have played for some time and playing some pairs competitions gives those new players a chance to have a go.

We are definitely a development squad so while we always try to win it is more important that everyone has a go and learns the game. So we don’t win that often. We play a variety of formats to try to give different experience. This season we played 2 softball competitions, 6 friendly T20 hardball games of which we won one and won a plate competition for a 6 aside indoor tournament last winter.

Coming up is to try to build the skills levels of the players we have, keep our newbies coming and attract more players if we can. We are currently playing in a Wilts indoor competition in the run up to Christmas and will hopefully be playing in a Glos indoor competition in the new year before the season starts in May.  

Just leaves me to thank all those who have supported us here: Jonathan and Andy of course for making sure we always have a pitch to play on and the bar is open; Mike for never tiring of umpiring for us and of course Sandra for all our efforts in coaching us.   You are all much appreciated – thank you.


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