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Bath 100 - 3, Marshfield 65 -  8

It was the first time the Maidens had played Bath and there was some nervousness as to whether we had bitten off more than we could chew.  The Maidens bowled first and did a good job.  Good fielding and plenty of backing up thanks to Sophia’s encouragement.  9 of us bowled showing how well we have all come on this season.  Ann overcame her nerves and bowled a nice over with only one wide. Hannah bowled a maiden over - you taught her well Callum - and Jane, Sandra and Amelia took a wicket each. We were pleased to keep Bath to 100 runs. 

Bath were a young team with some super bowlers.   Their first bowler Jess dispensed with Lisa and Alyssa in no uncertain terms and Sandra and Nina found it difficult to make runs ending on 8 and 10 respectively.  We were always going to struggle to make runs after that and we only finished on 65 thanks to the 37 extras. 

It was however an enjoyable match and Marshfield have developed a real team spirit. 


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