Narrow Defeat for Maidens

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Brislington 104 - 3, Marshfield 93 - 5

A full team of Maidens travelled to Brislington on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Marshfield chose to field first.  We followed a policy of involving as many players as possible.  8 Maidens bowled; Sandra, Lisa and Jane took wickets, Amelia was bowling for a second match this season which is great news.  Of our new team members this year Hannah, Ro-Anna, Rosie and Ann all bowled and contributed well. 

Chasing 104 we looked to have an experienced batter and a less experienced batter on the field at any time.  Lisa made 30 runs, a high this season for her, with Alyssa close behind with 24.  Rosie, Belinda and Amelia faced some tough bowling but hung in there.  Amy did well with 5 runs in partnership with Alyssa before being run out after 7 overs.  Well done Amy. 

An enjoyable match and great to see so many new players taking part.  Next week we are at a softball festival in Frocester.  Let’s show them what we are made of Maidens.


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