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A rare treat for the 3rds – a home game played at Broadleys rather than Tormarton witnessed a return to winning ways. Following two wins against probably the weakest sides in WCCL Division 8 and a disappointing narrow loss to Chippenham, the four wicket win, completed in the 37th over looks comfortable on paper, and for the most part was, bar the inevitable wobble when closing in on victory.

The returning skipper lost the toss and Bathford chose to bat on a good looking pitch. Marshfield opened up with pace and bounce at one end and metronomic boredom at the other (surely ‘controlled line and length’ – Ed) provided by the gangling Warren Shipp and the Preston “I can’t believe this ones got cheese in it too” Trundler. Dicko was quickly rewarded with Gary taking an excellent sharp chance at first slip to have Bathford 0 for 1. Warren bowled a curate’s egg of unplayable deliveries (pitching middle, moving away to off on a good length) and some less good (high full tosses, one resulting in an official warning from Umpire and Chef Threadgill). The pitch, though decent, did occasionally allow some balls to misbehave – either keeping low or rearing off a good length. A sharp chance offered by the Bathford number three just eluded both the keeper and Hodder at first slip, and Warren, clearly struggling was taken off after four overs, replaced by Will Christie. Dicko, chose to stop after five overs, mentioning something about rabbits (surely ‘keeping some overs in reserve’ – Ed), and was replaced with George Pollitt.

Some tidy bowling kept the runs in check with Bathford struggling to go at more than two an over. Will was unlucky not to pick up a wicket in his 7 overs for just 13 runs, and was replaced with Marshfield’s version of Eoin Morgan, Daniel Paul, making his Marshfield debut. Bowling with aggression and control Daniel finally achieved the breakthrough, bowling the obdurate Bennett for 31. Wickets now started to fall, with Daniel also bowling Garrett (A) before George dismissed two in two balls, one a superb stumping (surely – ‘a fortunate stumping where the ball cannoned off the keepers gloves into the stumps’ – Ed) and then next ball removing Elliot with a straight one. He will start his next over on a hat-trick.

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From 62-1, Bathford were now 76-5 and some way short of a challenging total. Despite some frantic signalling from Dicko, the skipper called on Hodder to take over from George and he too picked up two wickets, a regulation stumping and a catch at backward square leg by Tim Hawkes. Callum ‘Bucketts’ Duckett chipped in with two overs at the end and Bathford closed on 136 for 7. That Marshfield could not take all ten wickets can largely be attributed to an excellent innings by Noel, who carried his bat for 41, from 157 balls (described as a bit too attacking by Umpire Threadgill).  The fielding effort was very good all round, including a fine performance by specialist gulley Terry Bishop. There was some excellent sledging too, although it is more usual to be aimed at the opposition…

After a tea which posed the question – ‘how many cheese sausage rolls will Dicko eat before realising that none of them contain meat?’ Marshfield set about chasing the modest total. Fresh from hitting 41 the week before, Oliver Hendy was partnered with George “hungover and on a promise at 6.30 pm” Pollitt. Olly despatched his first ball, a high full toss to the cover boundary, before receiving another high full toss which he spooned back to the bowler. No sympathy was shown by the umpire, one Kevin Hendy, despite Olly’s diminutive stature, ruling that it wasn’t a no-ball. Hodder joined George and the score moved nicely along to 42, when George was dismissed for 20 (one of his lowest scores for Marshfield), and in good time for his evening assignation. Terry joined Hodder and batted steadily. At 86-2 things were looking easy, but at this point Gary holed out trying to clear the mid-off fielder and was dismissed for a classy 43, consisting almost entirely of boundaries (ten in all). Terry swiftly followed and Marshfield were suddenly 89-4, still needing 48 runs, and not entirely sure where they would come from.

cheesy s rollsCallum added just 4 bringing Tim Hawkes to the crease to join Daniel, who was playing a watchful innings. Tim lasted 17 balls before departing for 0, and Marshfield were now 107-6, still 31 runs short. Will Christie joined Daniel, and it was now that Bathford ran out of bowling. The fifth and sixth bowlers went for 20 off 1.5 overs and 7 off 1 respectively, with Will and Daniel cashing in on some wayward deliveries and the total boosted by 9 wides. Daniel struck the winning runs with a lusty blow through midwicket the skipper finally exhaled.

Overall a routine win, but Bathford were allowed to score perhaps 20 too many runs, and this made the chase more interesting than it might have been.

MoM to Daniel on his debut for some good bowling, steadying the ship when batting and some excellent banter in the field.

The McGregor Medal goes to Dicko for shameless Rabbit hunting.

The Christopher Martin Jenkins award goes to yours truly for not keeping up with ‘social media’ and hence spending a lonely twenty minutes showing Daniel the Tormarton pitch and wondering where the hell everyone else was.†

The Green Goddess Fitness award goes to Kevin Hendy, who needed a cold beer after overdoing the arm stretching when Gary was bowling.

The Terry Thomas Cad Memorial Medal goes to George for bowling poor Anna Elliot without even a good afternoon.

† CMJ once famously went to the wrong ground for the start of a test and also tried to use a TV remote as a mobile phone.



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Tim Wooman


A big thank you to Mike Threadgill and Kevin Hendy for umpiring throughout the game and to Julie Hendy for scoring.

A  few photo's of the "Action" during our innings...click on a thumbnail for a bigger picture.


Marshfield CC - 3rd XI Vs Bathford CC - 2nd XI

Fixture Details

Type : League: WCCL Division 8 - 2017 Date : Saturday 8th July 2017
Toss: Bathford CC - 2nd XI won the toss and elected to bat Start Time: 13:00
Ground: Broadleys Rules Type: Standard

Highlights :

M.Noel Carried Bat for 43*, M.Benett 31 ----- D.Sutton 9-3-20-2

Result Summary

Result:    Marshfield CC - 3rd XI - Won by 4 wickets

Marshfield CC - 3rd XIBathford CC - 2nd XI
Score 138 for 6 (36.5 overs) 136 for 7 (45.0 overs) 'b' 't'

Bathford CC - 2nd XI Batting

NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 M G Noel not out 41 4 0 157
2 Darren Sutton ct Gary Hodder b  Mark Dixon 0 0 0 4
3 Michael Bennett b  Daniel Paul 31 4 0 57
4 Alex Garrett b  Daniel Paul 0 0 0 3
5 James Garrett st Tim Woodman b  George Pollitt 14 0 2 12
6 Anna Elliot b  George Pollitt 0 0 0 1
7 Tom Watts st Tim Woodman b  Gary Hodder 13 3 0 15
8 Steven Hunt ct Tim Hawke b  Gary Hodder 0 0 0 4
9 Daniel Hunt* not out 5 0 0 24
10 Stephen Dent did not bat
Extras       b (6), lb (3), w (16), nb (7) 32
Total 136
Wickets 7
Overs 45.0

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

0-1 Darren Sutton (M G Noel-0*); 61-2 Michael Bennett (M G Noel-18*); 61-3 Alex Garrett (M G Noel-18*); 76-4 James Garrett (M G Noel-18*); 76-5 Anna Elliot (M G Noel-18*); 97-6 Tom Watts (M G Noel-23*); 98-7 Steven Hunt (M G Noel-23*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Warren Shipp 4.0 1 20 0 1 5
Mark Dixon 9.0 5 5 1 0 1
Will Christie 7.0 4 13 0 0 1
George Pollitt 9.0 2 19 2 1 0
Daniel Paul 6.0 1 33 2 3 0
Gary Hodder 8.0 2 15 2 3 0
Callum Duckett 2.0 0 22 0 8 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 9 0
Total 45 15 136 7 16 7

Marshfield CC - 3rd XI Batting

NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
1 Oliver Hendy ct & b Alex Garrett 4 1 0 2
2 George Pollitt ct Michael Bennett b  Daniel Hunt 20 3 0 28
3 Gary Hodder ct James Garrett b  Steven Hunt 43 10 0 63
4 Terry Bishop ct Anna Elliot b  Darren Sutton 7 1 0 41
5 Daniel Paul not out 20 1 0 49
6 Callum Duckett b  Darren Sutton 4 1 0 7
7 Tim Hawke b  Steven Hunt 0 0 0 17
8 Will Christie not out 15 2 0 14
9 Mark Dixon did not bat
10 Warren Shipp did not bat
11 Tim Woodman*† did not bat
Extras       b (8), w (19) 27
Total 138
Wickets 6
Overs 36.5

* = Captain, † = Wicket Keeper

Fall of Wickets

4-1 Oliver Hendy (George Pollitt-0*); 42-2 George Pollitt (Gary Hodder-13*); 86-3 Gary Hodder (Terry Bishop-7*); 89-4 Terry Bishop (Daniel Paul-2*); 96-5 Callum Duckett (Daniel Paul-4*); 107-6 Tim Hawke (Daniel Paul-13*); 

* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Alex Garrett 8.0 2 19 1 3 0
Daniel Hunt 8.0 1 42 1 1 0
Steven Hunt 9.0 0 26 2 6 0
Darren Sutton 9.0 4 15 2 0 0
Michael Bennett 1.5 0 20 0 7 0
Stephen Dent 1.0 0 7 0 2 0
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets 8 0
Total 36.5 7 137 6 19 0

Match Officials

Umpires Mike Threadgill, Kevin Hendy
Scorers Julie Hendy


3rdxi bathford 08 07 17 62

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