The Maidens go to Potterne!

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Potterne chose to field first and perhaps regretted choosing to give 2 for a wide.  Marshfield’s captain Amy scored 28, with the only 6 of the match!!!! with Extras closely behind with 24.  However, we were missing Lisa and Alyssa in the batting side.  Marshfield finished on 73 and Potterne caught that in 11 overs. 

It could have been dull but, despite the fact that Marshfield failed to win and claim the Prosecco Nina had put up as an incentive, it was a lot of fun and some good play was seen.  It was a beautiful day and Anna Christie playing for the Potterne side and Amy Walkman playing for Marshfield when she often plays for Potterne added an extra edge to the competition.  There was some super bowling; Amy had only 3 runs off her two overs, Sandra bowled a Maiden over and Jane was delighted to take two wickets in her first over.  One of which was Anna – thanks Nina for safe hands taking that catch.

Fantastic, as always, to be supported by Threaders and fabulous to see three new players un-phased by the hardball game; Amy Zerk, Anne Bond and Rosie Hinton.  Rosie only joined us for the first time this week.  Great also to see Amelia Bond back bowling. 

Looking forward to the next one.


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