Great Day Out At Brislington for The Maidens!

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Three teams met: Brislington, Westbury and Marshfield. There were flags, there were very bright t-shirts, there was loud music, there was excellent food and even a Zumba warm up.

Marshfield, without its captain pulled in Jane and Lisa to stand in. Not a bad job first time out ladies. Pairs cricket with a softball (bit like an incrediball) and a hard plastic bat was great, particularly for our three newcomers to cricket: Hannah, Anne and Amy but not bad for those of us who struggle to hit the ball – mentioning no names Jane. Anne looks promising with a bat; Amy did some great fielding and Hannah is a very nice bowler already. Look out when she’s had some experience.

Alyssa, Nina, Lisa and Sandra were scoring regular 4s against Westbury but found it harder against Brislington. Particularly their top two bowlers who were a cut above the rest.

Champagne moments at the end starred Nina for always being in the right place to take a catch – and of course catching perfectly. Well deserved.

A great day out and we will have to look out for the next festival.


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 brislington softball fest 11 06 17 2

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